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Rain fills up soccer field basins in Santa Maria

The Crossroads Open Space soccer field in Santa Maria is filled with water thanks to the most recent storm.

Located on S. College Dr., the field also serves as a basin to collect storm runoff.

The city says the water will soak into the ground, recharging the groundwater basin.

Some locals say they’ve seen water in it before but not this much water, so it’s an unusual sight.

“As you can see, it’s more like a lake now. The ducks are finding a home. Pretty soon, they’re going to put bass in here. No, I’m just kidding. There’s a lot a lot of water,” said Matt Davis, Santa Maria resident.

As of March 4, the Atkinson, Crossroads, Simas, and Minami fields were all closed.

City officials say it’s unknown when the soccer fields will reopen. It just depends on how much rain we get.

The Crossroads Open Space soccer field in Santa Maria is flooded by recent rainfall. (KSBY photo)
Alexa Bertola

Alexa Bertola

Alexa Bertola has been a Multimedia Journalist at KSBY for more than two years. She's a general assignment reporter. Story idea? Email her:
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