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Burning of brush piles begins in Cambria

CAL FIRE began burning piles of brush Tuesday morning along Cambria Pines Drive.

The piles consist of overgrown brush that firefighters cut earlier this year. CAL FIRE says there are approximately 450 piles that need to be burned.

The goal is to reduce the threat of wildfire in Cambria and eventually eradicate the invasive French Broom plant.

It’s expected to take about a week to burn all of the piles. CAL FIRE says at least five engines will be on site during all of the burn operations and firefighters will continue to patrol the area for several hours after the burning is complete.

Burning will only take place when weather conditions are just right. On Tuesday morning, the breeze was reportedly blowing the smoke in a north-easterly direction away from the town.

KSBY Staff

KSBY Staff

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