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Atascadero Colony house trucked across town

Crews in Atascadero shut down a few miles of El Camino Real Tuesday night to move a historically significant house.

The Atascadero Historical Society was moving a historical colony house from Del Rio Rd. to downtown Atascadero.

The colony house will now be a part of the Colony Heritage Center near City Hall, the Sunken Gardens and Centennial Bridge.

The house, built in 1914, was damaged when a grass fire broke out two years ago on the lot where it had been stored for years.

The historical society works to preserve the history of Atascadero founder E.G. Lewis and the early residents of the Atascadero Colony.

"Any house built between 1914 to 1924 would have been the period that Mr. Lewis was running the town, in the colony," Atascadero Historical Society President Jim Wilkins told KSBY last year. "We consider those historical assets of the town so we’d like to see them preserved."

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