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Don’t you want your media to be at the lowest cost and offer the most impactful results? No other local media can reach 9 out of 10 people as effectively as KSBY Communications.

KSBY Communications offers customized media solutions for every business size, making your investment the most cost efficient and effective in the market. KSBY/NBC is the #1 television station and can reach more than 500,000 people per week and The Central Coast CW5 can reach more than 60,000 people per week. has delivered more than 550,000 people per month with over 4.5 million page views!


Let THE local media company solve your problems. Through an innovative process, our experienced advertising consultants will design a customized program to achieve exactly what you want your advertising to accomplish. Utilizing the dominant #1 television station and website in the market (KSBY/NBC and we can build in other digital media products to effectively and comprehensively grow your market share (including CW5, SEO, SEM, mobile, email and text etc.).

No other media offers this reach and no other company offers these comprehensive products to allow one stop media results.


For more information for advertising on air on KSBY/NBC and the Central Coast CW5, please contact:

John Turver, Local Sales Manager
Phone: (805) 541-6666


Learn about our full line of interactive marketing solutions, helping small to medium-sized businesses capitalize on their online marketing potential. 

If you are serious about making your advertising budget work as hard as you do, contact KSBY Communications today to learn more about getting the results you expect from your advertising investment.

For more information about advertising on and other digital media products, please contact:

Steve Barth, Internet Director
Direct: (805) 597-8464


Set up your own desktop and mobile targeted display ad campaign here. and our technology partner iPromote allow you to build an ad based on other digital assets that you have already invested in including your web site and your social media page. 

Click here to learn more. 

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