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Traditional vs. Computer-Guided Implants

Computer-guided implants are a new option for dental patients. While some dentists still install implants manually, many are recognizing the value of computer-guided implants. Read about the advantages of computer-guided implants to help you choose which process is right for you.

The Impacts of Medications and Pre-existing Conditions on Implant Surgery

If you have broken or missing teeth and are considering dental implants, your dental surgeon should always provide a thorough consultation. It’s important that you share details about any pre-existing conditions and all your over-the-counter and prescribed medications and supplements. These things could potentially affect the safety and outcome of your implant surgery.

CC Dental Implant Center

Benefits of Dental Implants Versus Dentures

In the past, the only option for replacing missing teeth was partial or complete dentures. However, in recent years, the dental industry began offering new solutions, and dental implants have proven to be particularly popular. If you’re looking for a treatment for tooth loss, we compare dental implants versus dentures.

Immediate Load Implants: Common Concerns

In the past, few viable options existed for tooth replacement. People with missing teeth either had fixed bridges or removable dentures. Unfortunately, those options are associated with many issues that typically get worse as patients age. Today, dental implants have become the most popular option.

Preparing for Anesthesia

Oral surgery is usually an outpatient procedure involving either local or general anesthesia. To avoid complications or a difficult recovery, follow these tips to prepare for anesthesia.

Central Coast Dental Implant Center

Central Coast Dental Implant Center is a modern dental implant center located in Santa Maria CA, specialized in advanced diagnostics and replacement of missing, broken and failing teeth.

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