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Warm weather to close the week

We should see temps near 90 for many of the coastal and interior valleys on Friday. Offshore winds will develop tonight and fuel the warmth. Not only will Friday be warm but Saturday as well before onshore winds return early next week cooling the beaches and near coastal valleys.

Winds have let up but warm temps stay

Later Wednesday into Thursday some marine layer rebound at the coast is possible but regardless temps will stay pretty mild with beaches in the 60s to near 70, coastal valleys in the mid 70s to about 80 and inland temps in the low to mid 80s.

Offshore winds stoke Red Flag Warning

The red flag warning for the interior mountains of SLO county and the Santa Barbara county mountains will continue thru 8pm Tuesday (but could be extended into early Wednesday morning should conditions warrant).

One more day with clouds before clearing

Temperatures Thursday look to stay in the 60s and lower 70s at the coast and near coastal valley with interior valleys warming a little into the lower to mid 70s. A big temperature jump on Friday with beaches back into the 60s and 70s with coastal valleys into the mid to upper 70s and inland temps jumping into the 80-85 range.

More coastal clouds until late this week

We have a weak area of low pressure in a nearly stationary position just off the Monterey Bay coastline. Coastal clouds will form again overnight and be around the coastline in an on and off fashion through Thursday. For Wednesday: beaches in the 60s with coastal valleys in the upper 60s and lower 70s with inland valleys in the 70s through Thursday.

Minor twists and turns in this week’s weather

We have a weak area of low pressure starting to form off the coast and coastal clouds will form again overnight and be around the coastline in an on and off fashion through Thursday. As a result temps will drop from today’s highs.

Winds pick up this weekend

NW winds will pick up in the afternoons over the weekend keeping temps in a pretty mild range. 60s and lower 70s at beaches with low to mid 70s in the coastal valleys and lower 80s inland. Any night and morning clouds will clear quickly when afternoon winds pick up. Winds Saturday look to be 15-25 from the NW in the afternoon. Sunday’s afternoon winds could even be higher near the coast with NW winds 20-30mph.

Wide range of rain totals from the storm

Our storm system is departing the area, a few showers will taper overnight but the totals should be very close to the reports listed here.  The first list is compiled by the National Weather Service with some additional reports below.  If you would like to submit a report please e-mail or comment on social media.

Rain moving out with mild breezy days ahead

The 2018-19 rain season is off to an early start with a wide range of rain reports across SO and SB counties. Totals ranged from nearly an inch to some places getting no measurable rain. The low pressure and cold front are tracking clear of the area Thursday with some breezy NW winds coming in behind the exiting low.

Storm system could still bring significant rainfall

Our RPM computer model run by WSI is indicating the Central Coast could see significant rain from the storm system off our coast. Rain looks to start overnight but the heaviest rain should take place Wednesday morning into afternoon. The current run shows a range of .50-1.5″ (with some higher potential). This model is significantly higher than official outlooks of .50″ or less and below that of the mid-range models showing .25-.75″.

Rain system slows with wide range of rain potential

A storm system west of the Central Coast is making slow progress eastward. The storm doesn’t look like it will interact with any leftovers from former hurricane and tropical storm Rosa so the rain potential is limited. I think most areas will get anywhere from very light amounts to as much as .50″.

Quiet weekend before rain returns next week

We’ll see night and morning clouds thru the weekend near the coast while some inland early clouds are also possible before clearing. Beaches look to stay in the 60s over the weekend with the coastal valleys in the low to mid 70s and inland highs in the lower 80s. Sunday could be a bit warmer with some offshore flow early in the day.

Rain next week looking light

The ongoing story of this last week is all about what may happen next week concerning rain. The alignment of computer modeling is indicating some showers Tuesday-Wednesday of next week but providing less than .25″ of rain.

Some better clarity with rain chances early next week

Over the last week, I’ve been telling you about rain potential early next week.  The reason to look hard at it is due to the drought conditions across the area.  October our 2018-2019 rain season begins where we reset the rain gauges so whatever falls will not help the 2017-2018 rain year which was dismal with much of the area getting less than 50% of average rainfall.

Rain picture next week comes with a lot of uncertainty

Suffice to say with such different views of rain potential the best thing is to simply monitor how these math storms actually become real storms and update the forecast when the picture becomes more clear. We badly need rainfall here on the Central Coast after last winter’s dismal performance with many locations getting 50% or less of average rainfall.

Temps come back into the mid-90s inland Wednesday

High pressure will build later Tuesday and Wednesday for some mid 90s inland Wednesday and similar highs Thursday before dropping into the upper 70s and lower 80s for the coming weekend.

A run of mild weather ahead

Onshore flow returned today and temps took an expected hit but pleasant temperatures look to hold on into the weekend. I think the thing most people will notice will be coastal low clouds Friday night into Saturday and looks like it will linger at beach communities.

Temps take a step back

The offshore winds of Thursday will break down on Friday and some low pressure off the coast will help to redevelop marine clouds later Friday into Saturday.

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