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Nebraska RB Washington faces charges tied to assault video

California authorities have filed criminal charges against Nebraska running back Maurice Washington, who is suspected of possessing a video of his underage high school girlfriend being sexually assaulted by two other people and sending that video to the girl less than a year ago.

The university athletic department said Monday it was aware of the situation, and Washington’s attorney said his client would cooperate with authorities.

Clarissa Hamilton, supervisor of the sexual assault unit in the Santa Clara County Attorney’s Office in San Jose, California, said Washington faces two charges: a felony count of possessing a video or photograph of a person under 18 who is engaging in or simulating sexual conduct and a misdemeanor count of posting a video or photograph of a person engaging in or simulating sexual conduct without consent, leading to the person suffering emotional distress.

Hamilton said Washington was not involved in the 2016 assault.

Associated Press

Associated Press

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