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March 20, 2019

Santa Barbara County Sheriff

Deputies discover butane oil lab in Goleta

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies said they discovered a butane honey oil lab inside the garage of a Goleta home during a probation search on Monday.

New clues shed light on Boeing crashes

With Boeing’s 737 Max-8 aircraft still firmly on the ground and the focus of multiple investigations, we are learning more about two fatal crashes involving the jetliner.

A few scattered showers still possible from the current system

Some afternoon showers with a slight chance of thunderstorms will wane quickly as we look the daylight heating driving some of the instability but another piece of energy arrives in the late overnight hours to drive a few more scattered showers, especially near the coast. An inland and higher elevation round of scattered showers is also possible in the afternoon. That said, outside of the morning opportunity a lot of folks will likely miss out on rain, or at least significant rain on Thursday.

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