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January 1, 2019


Gas prices drop as 2019 kicks off

Gas prices are dropping for the start of 2019. According to AAA, gas prices are below $2 per gallon in nearly 20 percent of states, which is the lowest start to the New Year since 2016.

Another really cold night ahead

Offshore flow continues to drive mostly clear skies and dry air. This will mean that interior valleys could drop into the lower 20s with freezing conditions along the Central Coast and Southcoast. Advisories are in place for the cold air. With the cold start Wednesday, high will only recover into the 50s inland and lower 60s for most of the coast. Wednesday night into Thursday looks very similar (maybe warmer by a degree or two on the lows and highs).

Farm workers in California now eligible for overtime after 9.5 hours

Starting January 1st, farm workers in California are now eligible to receive overtime pay after 9.5 hours of work.

While many advocacy groups say this is long overdue, some in the agricultural community caution this could cause a rise in the costs of fruits and vegetables at the grocery store.

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